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Visionary Accountants recommend all accountants embrace technology software

Friday 4 November, 2016

Visionary Accountants recommend accountants embrace technology if they want to grow their business

The results from the recent CareersinAudit survey of 1341 accountants suggest that four in ten accountants are worried that their jobs will be obsolete in future.  This is due to advancements of technology and automation within the accountancy industry.

Accountants are worried that improvements in accounting software could mean that less accountants are needed in future.  This maybe the case if the accountancy process is reduced to a turnkey programme that anyone can follow.  However, Visionary Accountants’ in St Albans is embracing new technology, and as a result we are winning new business and taking on more staff to manage these new accounts.

Chris Wallace, Managing Director Visionary Accountants’ in St Albans said:

‘I find it disappointing so many accountants are negative about technology developments.  I believe that the accountancy industry should embrace new accountancy software.   Last year I was frustrated because I wanted to grow my accountancy practice but needed appropriate practice management software.  I teamed up with a developer to build a cloud based management tool. Prosper’s practice management software solution enables us to manage our work, our team and our clients.  Before I had a suite of unconnected software products that did not work together.  Now the process from enquiry to new client is seamless, and takes less time.  Work scheduling is no longer complicated and I can more easily manage my business.  Our clients are delighted that our communication is so much more effective.  I am hoping the practice management software will help us build our accountancy business in future.’

The CareersinAudit survey concluded that now accountants need to have a much broader skill base.  These skills include management, technology, business, advisory and new business development skills.

Chris Wallace, Managing Director Visionary Accountants’ in St Albans said:

‘The CareersinAudit survey concluded that accountants are now expected to take on more roles than ever within their business.  The only way they are going to be able to do this going forward is if they embrace software so they save time and money.  This will enable them to spend more time on getting new business so they remain competitive within their local community.’

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