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Set up a Personal Tax  Account in preparation for MTD

Set up a Personal Tax Account in preparation for MTD

Are you accessing the benefits of your Personal Tax Account?

Thursday 6 June, 2019

You can access your personal tax data by setting up your own Personal Tax Account (PTA) with HMRC. 

Over 16 million people have already set up their PTA.  HMRC want to introduce a full range of services to help taxpayers manage their tax online and reduce the need to contact HMRC.

You can already access a variety of services through your own PTA.  These include:

  • reviewing and amending PAYE coding notices
  • obtaining state pension forecasts
  • updating tax credits and child benefit claims
  • making marriage allowance transfers
  • claiming a tax refund
  • tracking tax forms that you’ve submitted online
  • telling HMRC about a change of address
  • checking or updating benefits you get from work, for example company car details and medical insurance

Chris Wallace, Managing Director, Visionary Accountants, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

‘By providing the Personal Tax Account HMRC is effectively Making Tax Digital for individuals and making tax more accessible online.   It allows individuals to review all their personal data in a safe place and manage their personal tax quickly and efficiently.   We work with clients to submit their annual tax return and many of these clients are aware of the service or have set up a PTA account already.  However, many others aren’t aware that they can access and manage their own personal tax information whenever they want online; even if they aren't required to complete a tax return.  We are encouraging all our clients to set up their own PTA.  If you haven’t set up an account already and would like to understand why it's a good idea please contact us on 01727 730550.’

What services does the Personal Tax Account offer?


You PTA will have all your key details so it’s an easy way to update your address information, check your National Insurance number.  Anyone who is under self-assessment can print off an SA302 form that will prove their income.

The new service is particularly useful for employees as they can check that the information HMRC holds is up to date and accurate.  They can also ask for changes to their PAYE coding notices.  By using their PTA employees can make sure their employment income is correct and alter it if necessary.

Estimated income

You can check HMRC’s total income estimates for the tax year.  Now dynamic coding has been introduced which is used to estimate the total income of an individual and the relevant tax codes that are applicable it is very important taxpayers check it.  Otherwise you could be given an inappropriate code and be overpaying or underpaying tax.

State Pension and National Insurance Contributions

You can check your state pension entitlement through your PTA to ensure you receive the state pension you expect.  You can also check each year’s contributions.  The PTA will also list a full National Insurance contribution history.

How to set up your Personal Tax Account

HMRC recommend that before you start you have your mobile and landline number, your email and National Insurance number ready so you can prove your identity.  You will also need either your P60 or end of year tax certificate from your employer or pension providers, three recent payslips or your passport.  You will be given an access code and also a Government Gateway number if you are new to HMRC services online.  Log onto the HMRC website and go to the Personal Tax Account sign up information.  You will then be asked a series of questions so HMRC can identify you.

In summary…

We recommend that you set up a Personal Tax Account to manage your personal tax.  The Visionary Accountants team offer tax planning & advice to clients in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London.  If you need tax advice or want more information about setting up your PTA please contact one of our accountants on 01727 730550.

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