Procurement & Overhead Reduction

Our team of experienced procurement specialists understands the procurement market and what is required to source and secure the best packages for your business.

Procurement – Our Promise…

We are rewarded on physical savings accomplished, so our team is driven to establish the maximum savings possible – this means that our clients have the lowest contracts available.

We review all types of contracts and we also investigate if you have overspent monies on your business rates and recoup this on your behalf.

We tackle procurement in the most efficient way for our clients.

We aim for conterminous contracts and basket purchase contracts to enable maximum savings to be achieved for all our clients regardless of their consumption or portfolio size.

Our pricing is fixed, open, honest and agreed up-front. Please view our procurement brochure for further information.

Procurement – Our Contract Savings…

On average, we save our clients 25% on utility contracts and between 20% and 45% on all other service contracts – with particular success in telecommunications and mobile procurement.

Buying gas and electricity for a business can be a real headache because of the amount of industry jargon, the huge variety of possible suppliers and differing pricing structures.

From our experience, we know that over 60% of businesses in the UK are paying over the odds for their utilities.

Our Goals…

  • Minimise client spend on utilities
  • Identify any mid-contract savings
  • Obtain any entitled rebates

Project Outcome…

  • Aligned contract end dates to allow for ease when renewing contracts
  • Reduced contract spend
  • All historical billing errors identified and rectified
  • All mid-contract savings applied

Procurement – – Mid Contract Savings…

Alterations can often be made to contracts which do not affect agreed contract rates, contract duration or any terms and conditions attached to a contract.

Case Studies

Care Home Group (3 sites) – Gas Supplies saving £39,155
Serviced Offices (30 sites) – Contract savings £2,748

Procurement – Historical Auditing…

It is not widely known that energy companies in the UK are legally obliged to pay back money overspent on utilities, dating back as far as six years.

If your company has been signed up to a service contract within the last six years and you have not yet been informed of or reimbursed by your supplier, we can calculate your overspend and claim back this money for you.

Case Studies

Bioresearch Company (4 sites) – Utility savings £268,432
Retail Units (2 sites) – Contract savings £3,701
Higher Education College (1 site) – Utility savings £407,817
Bar Group (5 sites) – Utility Savings £33,327

Our specialists in St Albans also work with procurement clients throughout Hertfordshire.